Couples Wine Tasting @ Future Yard


As part of the Future Yard ‘Month of Love’ and as a follow on to the Indie Wedding Fair being staged the Saturday before, Inspiring Wines will be hosting a Couples Wine Tasting on 29th February 2024.

Tickets are available directly from the venue or via their website

The aim of the tasting is to attract couples who may want to use the venue for their wedding and may then want to try some of the wines we have available. However, that said we would welcome couples in all shapes and sizes, you don’t necessarily need to be getting married soon to come along and enjoy the tasting.

If you want to bring your ‘bestie’, your flat-mate or even your Mum that’s fine, if there are three in your ‘couple’ (we’re not judging…) that’s fine too.

Come along with whoever makes you happy for whatever reason you want, and just enjoy some wine! 

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