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Why not support a small business near you?

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Some of our favourite partners, customers & suppliers As a small business ourselves, we work closely with several other small businesses both locally and further afield, suppliers, customers and service providers and we thought it about time to give them a shout out, say thanks, share our insight and give you a chance to support […]

Is Rioja Really the Only Game in Town When it Comes to Spanish Wine?

Spanish wine in Porrons - Is Rioja still the best of Spain - Inspiring Wines

At Inspiring Wines we don’t think so! When people talk about Spanish wines the conversation almost always moves very quickly towards Rioja; dark, brooding, dusty bottles, some kind of bull on the label and that gold wire wrapped around a traditional Rioja bottle. The wire incidentally was designed as a historic security measure for high […]

Champagne – Is France’s finest still the undisputed champion of the world?

Closeup Champagne bubbles at Inspiring Wines

Does Champagne remain Queen of the business we call fizz? Champagne has the history, the sophistication, the famous houses, the weight of years of lavish marketing behind it, no doubting that. But in these austere, less ostentatious times in which we live, are there new pretenders to the crown? We ask, is France’s Old Lady […]

Franciacorta – Prosecco is soooo last year..

The Ferghettina Winery

Italian sparkling wine is not all about Prosecco, as leading Franciacorta producer Ferghettina has proved time and time again. Established in 1990 by Roberto Gatti – after buying a tiny winery and three hectares of vines from a family friend – Ferghettina has grown into one of the region’s most prized producers. In 2005 a […]