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Fancy Doing Your Own Home Wine Tasting? Some Tips from the Experts…

Wine tasting glasses lined up. Do you know your wine?

I was recently asked by the PR agency acting on behalf of their client Emerald Waterways to provide some expertise on an article they were writing for their website in the early throes of ‘Lockdown’. I know, I was contacted to offer my input as an ‘expert’! Just that that sink in for a moment, […]

How to Taste Wine – Use these 4 basic steps to start tasting like a pro

Tasting Wine - The Inspiring Wines simple guide to tasting like a pro

How to Taste Wine – 4 Simple Steps There is a lot written about tasting wine properly, probably far too much, (and I say that as I am about to write a piece about how to taste wine…) there is a wealth of information available on this here ‘interweb’ but in reality if you are […]

How to Blag Your Way Through a Wine Tasting – Our Top 5 Tips

Red wine glasses lined up ready to taste

The Inspiring Wines Guide How to blag your way through a wine tasting! Have you ever been to a wine tasting? Ever wanted to go but have always shied away on the grounds you think you’d be out of your depth? Well fear not, here are our Top 5 ‘inspiring’ tips to ensure you can […]