Fancy Doing Your Own Home Wine Tasting? Some Tips from the Experts…

Wine tasting glasses lined up. Do you know your wine?

I was recently asked by the PR agency acting on behalf of their client Emerald Waterways to provide some expertise on an article they were writing for their website in the early throes of ‘Lockdown’. I know, I was contacted to offer my input as an ‘expert’! Just that that sink in for a moment, anyway, as you can imagine I puffed my chest out and agreed swiftly. It was something I would have dined out on extensively if only we had been allowed to dine-out at the time.

The article itself is pretty interesting and I think worth sharing.

Oh come on, let me have my 15 minutes!!

The whole idea of running your social life via Zoom was an alien concept to many just a few short months back. But now even the most committed ‘Luddite’ is ‘Zooming’, ‘Skyping’ or ‘Face-timing’ with the best of them. I have to say I have a particular soft-spot for an online quiz night.

Here at Inspiring Wines we haven’t yet tried delivering a wine tasting via online media, it is something we have discussed at length in our office but we haven’t got there yet. But never say never, I think it’s certainly something we’ll be trying sometime very soon.

Obviously lockdown restrictions have now started to lift so it will soon be possible to host your own home wine tasting with your friends in person and not restricted to online only. However many of the tips included in the article are still very relevant.

If you are thinking about hosting one, either online or in-person the key as we always say at Inspiring Wines is to make sure you enjoy it! Sounds simple I know, but try not to get caught up too much in ‘learning’ everything about the wines you taste, first and foremost enjoy the wines, the knowledge will come the more you taste.

Have fun and stay safe. And remember, you have to listen to me because I’m an expert!…

Written by Dean Spencer – Director – Inspiring Wines

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