The eco, flat wine bottle hits UK shelves! – From Garçon Wines

This is an excerpt from an article shared with us by our friends at Garçon Wines, we are massive fans of their flat wine bottle, it’s eco-credentials and its downright funkiness and we’d normally have some in stock, especially at this time of year. Unfortunately its success has meant we’ve not been able to get our hands on any this year, but we hope to have it back soon.

There is some interesting insight into wine buying habits included in the article, especially in supermarkets, the practice of which, we, of course, couldn’t possibly comment on…

Anyway, over to Garçon Wines:

Following the successful launches of our planet-friendly bottles in the Nordics over the summer, which in some instances saw sales up 60% on initial estimates, our flat bottle format is now on-shelf in Co-op UK with Accolade Wines brand Banrock Station.

The convenience and sustainability benefits of our product will make for an unrivaled addition to Co-op shelves and consumers’ shopping baskets. Whilst some UK consumers may already know and love the flat bottle from the gifting space, they’ll now be able to pick up our bottle from the wine aisle and be confident that they’re making a sustainable purchase that’s both functional and convenient.

As a company striving to make the wine industry more sustainable, we’re encouraged by the ever-advancing consumer demand for sustainability taking place in the UK supermarket space. According to a recent survey, three in four British shoppers want brands and suppliers to prioritise eco-friendly packaging to give them a quickfire yet impactful solution to leading more sustainable lifestyles.

And when it comes to wine, what could be more impactful than our flat bottle with a significantly reduced carbon footprint and made entirely from recycled material?

That’s why we’re encouraging retailers to #ReshapeTheWineAisle, with bottles that pack more on a shelf to maximise shelf value and volume, and grab consumer attention with their unparalleled presence to help increase sales. Did you know that according to research from Asda, just over 15% of us spend less than 10 seconds picking a bottle as ‘wine fright’ takes over. Plus, Nielsen research shows that most visible wine bottles were noticed by up to 77% more consumers than the less visible bottles. Some of those bottles also held a consumer’s attention by up to 2.5 times longer. It’s clear that in a short space of time in a crowded aisle, it is vital to make a big impression and smart, unique packaging gives retailers and brands the chance to catch the consumer’s imagination instantaneously.

Want to be next in reshaping the wine aisle? Get in touch to join our flat bottle movement.

The wine brand which will spearhead this UK in-store debut is Accolade Wines’ eco-friendly brand Banrock Station, with their Australian Merlot and Chardonnay packed for the first time in flat-pack format. Since 1995, Banrock Station has been dedicated to restoring its surrounding wetlands with its abundance of wildlife and diverse greenery. Our flat bottles are a great way to show off the pioneering environmental leadership of brands in the eyes of the consumer, which makes the launch of Banrock Station in our bottles a natural fit.

Banrock Station’s Merlot is now available in the Co-op with RRP of £7.50, with a Chardonnay to follow later this year. Both will be widely available from January 2021.

Obviously, Banrock Station Wines are a little too mainstream for us but we are very keen on supporting this initiative, we all have to play our part in looking after this big old world we live on, so whilst we don’t currently stock these amazing bottles in this form we do encourage you to give them a try.

Written by Garçon Wines
with additional text from Dean Spencer – Director – Inspiring Wines

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